Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

on Retirement

Dead end is the first step to vastness.Flutter your wings and fly high!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Trance"port Bus


Well before I delve into the main part I would like to say that in Kochi we say "transport bus" to address the red and cream Government buses.

"Trance"port bus

I always enjoyed travelling in a transport bus but for the past one year my journey to Muvattupuzha in these buses have converted them to "Trance"port bus.Am sure you might be thinking what i am upto ....I wish my beautiful and happy reader ,(if luckily there is someone like that ..)belongs to Kerala or at least India ,so that you can come along with me into my" bus ".Most of those buses have a seating arrangement completely different from that of private buses .On your right there is long three seater and look to your left for the two seater ,but oops !the place you are standing now is the passage which is so narrow that no two person can stand together so I would advice you to stand facing the comfortably seated ones. The aforementioned things can be completely erased if you have vacant seats .The moment of trance begins only if seated ,especially by the window . In a transport bus both sexes enjoy equality in standing position ,anyone can stand anywhere as you please but if you have any thought about being seated then the women have their seats reserved either at the rear end or at the front .I wonder whether it is to make sure that they have a comfortable journey or to convey the idea that "you better stick on to where you are ,if you dare to step out you are gone ".After a long pause I take the first explanation as a better choice and a positive one too .Sorry Reader for having left you seated there .You are going to be taken into a trance very soon .The atmosphere for this is set by the booming sound as the bus struggles forward and the dusty wind that gently pass by your face .Usually an Ordinary transport bus is devoid of the crazy speed much beloved to a private bus .So the snail's pace and lack of frequent stops makesit sure that you are not nudged in your trance .The co-travellers can be seen rocking their heads and at times bumping on to the neighbour's shoulders .Ah!there goes your first yawn .Though sleepy there is so many events happening that you will fail to lock your mind's window .I was saying about heads that sway like the coconut fronds would on a windy evening .The conductor is calm and never yells "Ticket ,Ticket "as in a private bus .He comes slowly and gives the ticket .The bells ring only when the bus nears the stop .You get to see all sorts of social chunks .A family of four squeezes to a three seater and the college buddies jumps on to the two seater .Just look ahead.. come on ...i know you eyelids seems heavy but take look ..the drama is going to begin ...its definitely not boxing ...no its not kick boxing ...what is it then ...it is Elbow Defender ,as the bus takes every sharp turn those standing on the crowded "passage "defends the other from falling over to you by the smart twists of elbow which are in a bended position as they are calsping on to the handle bar strongly fitted on to the seat .The one who gets the kick with the elbow waits for the next turn to come .Screen of vision is too wide so you leave the fight to go on as your eyes wanders to the next scene -its reQUEST - its a quest for a bit of space in a spaceless and packed seat .The sympathetic person pushes forward and creates space but the newly seated ones are often great conquerors that they ducks in and there goes the sympathetic person hanging on to the handle .The lecture on "How to Behave- for Youth "are loudly rendered inside this very bus by the elderly ofcourse for free .But I admit that those classes do have an effect on us .Here comes a lady with a baby clenched to her chest ...don't miss this expression on the seated ones "don't expect me to stand ,I dont have any thought of giving you a seat ...I have won it after a long fight ."Thats it, the moment of trance ends here .Let 's allow the mother to sit .The acrobatics on standing position ends as you reach your the destination .Get down just take a look at your back there on the white T-Shirt you will find the dust on the seat still clinging on to you .Congrats !you have safely stepped out from the world of trance .

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Its wonderful to think ,its wonder reaches great heights when the thought comes deep from my heart .The following is an attempt to unwind my mind that was caught up in the swirl of a moment .
So small are my eyes ,yet i see the vast sky with it ,
So tiny are the nostrils of a baby ,but with that it takes in the first breath of precious life ,
It is from minute spark that great fires have gathered its mighty flames ,
It is within tiny chips that all memories are enclosed,
The bite of an "dwarphy"ant made the longest itching,
It is the little drops of water that make up the whole sea,
The dusty sands ,so dot like make dry deserts ,
So small are the kids but from them I have learnt the eternal lessons,
Yet with my huge heart i find it hard to hold all mankind -in its diversity ,in its uniqueness,in its peculiarity ,in its mystery .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


She hastily opened the door , there stood her brother with a questioning look ,they were already late for the morning walk .Walking was something she loved as you need to take just one step at a time and that takes you nearer to your destination .As she walked her mind saw the walk of a clown which broke the accepted postures of refined walking ,anything out of ordinary is odd .But that was what she was ,she liked those odd pictures which stood apart from the group ,those odd ones which she carefully marked with her pencil in her English exercise book .The activity given by Miss Stella send ripples of thought .Pick out the odd one from the basket and put it out .She felt herself being thrown out to the void .Paul ,her little brother's hands were sweaty she could feel it as he held one to her when a car dashed by them ."Hey look ,The Jumbo are coming soon ...wow ..do you remember last time how the bear rode the cycle and how the elephant played football ??soon there will be so so many animals roaming here,isn't it ??Silence adorned her for she knew the clowns were not odd inside the tent but a woman clown......well that could be an odd one. "Let's go back ".

Friday, February 20, 2009



It was middle of the night ,Dailey was not able to sleep .Her dusky feet sensed the cold floor ,darkness had fallen like a pall ,hobbering around finally reached for the knob she opened the door and stepped out .The day was fine she had attended her school and her teachers were happy to see her well written essays and notes .While her teachers appreciated her she had stood there as if those words rung meaningless to her small ears .Now while at home without sleep she was walking to find something ,she wished to talk but it was the meaning that was frightening her .A few feet away she saw a door left ajar ,the flickering light rays was trying to comfort Dailey .She slowly pushed the door and found the candle burning out its last part of the wick ,that too will reach its end .She wondered who had lighted it ,the candle must have felt its action was fruitful but to her it seemed meaningless as there was no one in the room .Maddening thoughts she felt ,and sat there to give meaning to the flickering candle till it died.She sat in her favourite couch trying to make herself feel comfy and closed her eyes .The twittering of birds woke her up ,she had to make it fast to bedroom ,for her mother would surely scold her for sleeping in the living room instead of her own beautifully decorated bedroom.She quickly slipped into her room .The mirror was waiting to hear her dreams ,this was the usual routine .Standing before the mirror she masked her with a make up of a clown ,she did the funny tricks and expressions .But as her eyes fell on the mirror she quickly wiped it off .Within her nestled a desire to be a clown ,yet to be adorned with meaningful words .She heard a knock at the door.
(to be continued)



I knew they taught to be a doctor ,
I knew they opened the door to engineering ,
I knew they gave the wand of a teacher ,
But I didn’t knew that I need to learn
How to be a human.
For I was hued with the strokes of selfishness
What will I see when I make
A portrait of mine A human or A Hue man?